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Norway R06: Anand positionally outplays Fabiano Caruana

13/06/2017 -

Just past the halfway mark, things at the Altibox Norway Chess have begun to heat up. In round six two of chess world’s crème-de-la-crème succeeded in breaking through their opponent’s defenses, securing victory. While Viswanathan Anand proved his mettle yet again by convincingly defeating Fabiano Caruana, Levon Aronian continued his good form to beat the apparently out-of-shape Vladimir Kramnik. Levon is now the leader along with Hikaru Nakamura. We have detailed analysis of Anand's win with diagrams and explanations.

Hoa Nguyen wins the 10th Mayor's Cup 2017

13/06/2017 -

After 20 rounds of nerve wracking chess the Vietnamese GM went back home with two back to back titles on Indian soil - the 10th KIIT Open in Bhubaneshwar and the 10th Mayor's Cup in Mumbai. It was fine performance by Hoa Nguyen as he beat Neelotpal Das in the last round to clinch the top spot. Farrukh Amonatov finished second and Diptayan Ghosh third. Sagar Shah went to the venue on the last day and picked up some interesting stories to share with you. This report has analyzed games, loads of pictures, videos and more. Don't miss it!

Norway R05: Five draws; Anand splits point against So

12/06/2017 -

After some sensational games in round 4, players at the Altibox Norway Chess 2017 seemed to have wanted to take things slower. All five games of the fifth round were drawn. While Kramnik and Karjakin fought hard to force a win against Nakamura and Caruana respectively, Levon Aronian unleashed the razor sharp Marshall Gambit against Maxime Vachier-Lagrave. On the other hand, both Vishy Anand and Magnus Carlsen chose to start-off with the Italian opening against Wesley So and Anish Giri. We have analysis, pictures, videos and much more.

Bharat Singh Chauhan will be the next AICF Secretary

12/06/2017 -

Bharat Singh Chauhan has been the sole nomination for the post of the Secretary for All India Chess Federation. On 25th of June he will be assume the office of the Secretary for the period of 2017 to 2020. Venketrama Raja continues as the President and Kishor Bandekar will be the treasurer. In this article we acquaint you with some of the duties and powers of the Secretary and also point out some of the most important tasks that will be on Bharat Singh's to-do list in order to popularize the game of chess in the country. 

Norway R04: Levon Aronian shows brilliance; Anand loses to Giri

11/06/2017 -

It was the most exciting round of the Norway Chess 2017. Three games ended with a decisive result, but all five were filled with some brilliant moments. The game that will be remembered for many years to come was between Levon Aronian and Magnus Carlsen. The Armenian showcased some exquisite preparation, cunning middlegame play and powerful tactical vision to finish off the World Champion. Vishy Anand lost his second game of the event to Anish Giri. Detailed analysis, pictures and much more!

List of chess grandmasters in India

10/06/2017 -

Every Indian Chess Player knows that India has 47 GMs as of June, 2017. Do you know who are those 47? Online chess shop 8cross8 has listed crème de la crème of Indian chess players on their Facebook page. Expand your chess general knowledge by going through this list!

Test your chess with world's youngest IM R. Praggnanandhaa

10/06/2017 -

It's almost a year since R. Praggnanandhaa became the youngest IM in the world. He has now raced up to a rating of 2467 at the age of 11 years and 10 months! How talented is this young boy? How fast does he calculate? And what are the techniques that he uses while thinking on the board. Sagar Shah had those same questions and he travelled to Chennai to visit Pragg's house. He had selected ten not so easy positions to test the little wonder! At the end of the show, he was simply amazed. It's your chance to test your chess against the biggest chess talent in the world. Are you ready?!

Norway R03: Karjakin tests Anand's memory!

09/06/2017 -

What's wrong with these super grandmasters, you may ask! All five games ended in a draw in the third round of the Altibox Norway Chess 2017. Well, that's what usually happens when roughly matched players fight against each other and match one good move with a better one! Carlsen against Nakamura was surely the most interesting game of the round, but Karjakin and Vishy was not without its moments. The Russian had some new ideas in the Berlin and pushed Anand on the backfoot. But the Indian was up to the challenge and steered the game to a draw. Photos, analysis, videos and much more.

Norway R02: Kramnik outfoxes Anand

08/06/2017 -

The second round of the Norway Chess 2017 had only one decisive game. This time it was between Vishy Anand and Vladimir Kramnik. Anand uncorked a very interesting idea in the Ruy Lopez with the white pieces. Kramnik picked up the gauntlet and was a pawn up. Soon Anand recovered the pawn, but went wrong and landed in a difficult ending. Kramnik persisted and converted the advantage into a full point. Check out the game with a break down of the critical positions.

Sasikiran wins the 52nd Capablanca Memorial

08/06/2017 -

He is known as the Rahul Dravid of Indian chess - the unsung hero. Sasikiran Krishnan is truly one of the finest chess players that India has ever produced. He has a host of achievements to his credit, and now he adds another feather to his cap by winning the 52nd Capablanca Memorial 2017 ahead of Vasily Ivanchuk. Davide Nastasio speaks about the historical background of this famous tournament and we also show you Sasi's beautiful "light squared symphony" win over Samuel Shankland.

Norway R01: Nakamura beats Giri; Anand draws against MVL

07/06/2017 -

The strongest tournament of the year Altibox Norway Chess 2017 kicked off on Tuesday. Some call it like the Candidates, maybe even better, because we not only have the eight of the top ten players in the field, but also the World Champion is a part of the show. Out of the five games we had only one decisive result where Hikaru Nakamura defeated Anish Giri. Vishy Anand played the risky 3...c5 in Advance Caro Kann and drew the game without too many difficulties against MVL. We have detailed analysis of both these encounters.

Four leaders at the 10th Mumbai Mayor's Cup 2017

07/06/2017 -

Four rounds have been completed at the 10th Mumbai Mayor's Cup 2017. We have four leaders with a 100% score and three of them are Indians - GM Diptayan Ghosh, IM Sayantan Das, GM Deepan Chakravarthy and GM Niaz Murshed. We have some exclusive pictures sent to us from the venue and some very nicely played games by the players. Illustrated report from the financial capital of India!

Long live India's strongest chess couple - Vishnu & Raghavi

06/06/2017 -

GM Vishnu Prasanna and WIM Raghavi Nagarajan tied their wedding knot on the 5th of June 2017 in Chennai. It was a star studded event with players from all over India flying in to attend the marriage ceremony! Some of the big names who were present at the reception were Aruna Anand, B. Adhiban, Harika and many more. ChessBase India's Sagar Shah ensured that he made it to this grand event. Apart from Raghavi and Vishnu being his wonderful friends, the duo are now the strongest couple of Indian chess with an Elo average of 2414! Long live King Vishnu and Queen Raghavi!

Vishy Anand finishes 7th at the Norway Blitz

06/06/2017 -

It is the strongest event of 2017. Altibox Norway Chess 2017 is here and it is a star studded line up that we are looking at - Magnus Carlsen, Sergey Karjakin, Wesley So, Fabiano Caruana. Vishy Anand ensures that Indian fans have a hero to cheer for at the event. On 5th June, a blitz tournament was held for players to decide their number for the main event. Magnus Carlsen crushed the field with 7.5/9. Anand finished seventh with 4.0/9. We give you information about how to follow the classical games live with commentary. Blitz event report.

Philosophical side of chess III: David vs Goliath

05/06/2017 -

In the third round of the Mayor's Cup 2009, 19-year-old Sagar Shah was pitted against the strong Russian grandmaster Vladimir Belov. A product of the Russian chess school, Belov was stronger than the Mumbai boy by nearly 400 Elo points. Sagar's confidence had reached the lowest of levels. He left for the round from his home with a mentality of already having lost the game. On the way to the playing hall, a miracle occurred! Suddenly the boy was rejuvenated! Check out the article to see what transpired and what was the result of the encounter!