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The launch of ChessBase India Power!

07/08/2017 -

On 7th of August ChessBase India Power was launched. India number three Vidit Gujrathi and AICF Secretary Bharat Singh Chauhan unveiled the logo at the ChessMine Blitz tournament in Bangalore. ChessBase India Power is a complete travel solution for chess players who wish to travel to chess tournaments not only in India but all over the world. It is an idea that will ease the life of a chess player. Try us out and we are sure you won't be disappointed.

Sinquefield Cup 2017 Round 4: A knight fork spells Carlsen's doom against MVL

06/08/2017 -

After gaining from the humble tactic of the knight fork in the 3rd round, it was the turn of Mighty Magnus himself to fall to the ruse, when he overlooked a simple detail and lost to Maxime Vachier-Lagrave in the 4th round, allowing the Frenchman to gain the sole lead with 3 points. The game also reinforced for the umpteenth time the all too often repeated and glorified cliche Chess is 99% tactics. Magnus' defeat and Nakamura falling to Nepo were the only decisive games of the round. The other three ended in draws. We have a comprehensive round four report from Saint Louis.

20/20! Praggnanandhaa's clock simul in Vlissingen

06/08/2017 -

Just a few hours ago, we published an article on our newspage about 13-year-old Nihal Sarin crushing the competition at India's strongest Rapid chess tournament in Bangalore. When people read the report, they asked where is our other hero? 12-year-old Pragg? Well, we have the answer now! Pragg is in a small town called Vlissingen in Netherlands and he just gave a clock simul to 20 participants! Much to the amazement of the organizers, participants and viewers, the boy moved at the speed of lightning and scored 20.0/20!

13-year-old is taking India's strongest rapid event by storm

06/08/2017 -

The top seed is Vidit Gujrathi, then we have Sethuraman, after that Abhijeet Gupta, Deep Sengupta, Aravindh Chithambaram, Karthikeyan Murali, the list of super strong GMs playing at the ChessMine Rapid is almost never ending! But guess who is leading the tournament with a score of 6.0/6? 13-year-old Nihal Sarin! The boy from Kerala was on fire at the first day as he showcased some brilliant chess to shoot into joint lead along with G.N. Gopal and Girish Koushik. We have the day one report from India's strongest ever Rapid Rating tournament.

Sinquefield Cup 2017 Round 3: Five draws, but lot of excitement

05/08/2017 -

The third round was a relatively sedate one from the point of view of results. All five games ended in a draw, but they were not without excitement. Anand was pushed back to the wall by Carlsen, but the Indian GM held his own in the rook endgame. Svidler and Nepo were both under pressure against MVL and Caruana, but with resourceful play survived. We have some exciting pictures, analysis and post game interviews. Round three report from Saint Louis.

Rahul Sangma wins in Guwahati

05/08/2017 -

States in the North-East region of India famous for their scenic beauty and vibrant flora and fauna. However, chess tournaments in this region are a rare occurrence. In fact, only about a dozen tournaments were organised in the last three years in all of the eight states combined! Therefore, a group of chess lovers from the region decided to satiate their craving for a chess tournament by organising one themselves! The tournament was a major success and attracted more than 250 participants that included 6 titled players. At its conclusion, the event saw IM Rahul Sangma lift the winner's trophy with a score of 7.5/9. Angom Nongsha, a participant of the tournament sends us a comprehensive report.

Sinquefield Cup 2017 Round 2: Magnus Carlsen shows he is the boss

04/08/2017 -

The star studded field of the Sinquefield Cup 2017 is treating the crowd to some lively games. In round two Magnus Carlsen beat his World Championship opponent Sergey Karjakin. Wesley So showed a model game on how to punish unconventional opening play. Levon Aronian blundered a piece, handing the game to Caruana on a platter. The other games ended in a draw, but were not without excitement. Let IM V. Saravanan take you through the intricacies of all the battles.

Malaysia, it's time to be excellent!

04/08/2017 -

On 3rd of August Peter Long became the Secretary of Malaysian Chess Federation. He is a FIDE Master and was Malaysia number one on FIDE ratings for nearly ten years. As he assumes the office of the secretary, his motto is simple - believe in excellence and change the Malaysian chess for the better. In this article he shares his vision and plan for the first 90 days and has asked the Malaysian chess community to come together and galvanize its resources to become a powerhouse in the world of chess.

My aim is to become the World Champion!

04/08/2017 -

Two-time National Challengers Champion, Asian Continental Champion 2016, Commonwealth women's gold medalist, Commonwealth U-18, U-20 gold, Asian U-14, U-18, U-20 gold, two times National Junior champion, World school U-17 gold - sounds like the achievements of a few players, right? Just that these are the attainments of a very talented 25-year-old from Goa! The current National Challengers Champion Bhakti Kulkarni. C.K. Muralidharan interviewed Bhakti after her tournament victory and the girl has bravely proclaimed that her aim is to become the World Champion soon! 

Chess Tutor Saurabh Barve arrested on molestation charges

04/08/2017 -

In a shameful incident, a chess coach from Mumbai, Saurabh Barve, has been arrested by the Nerul Police on the charges of molestation. Saurabh, who is a father to a young daughter, defended himself as calling it merely a 'pat on the back'. A case has been filed under section 354.

Sinquefield Cup Round 1: Aronian's brilliant opening preparation

03/08/2017 -

Aronian’s creativity, Karjakin’s precision in an advantageous position and full-fledged fights in all the boards were the talking points of the first round at Sinquefield Cup which started today at Saint Louis, USA, the 4th leg of the Grand Chess Tour. Wesley So fell for the time immemorial classic zeitnot tragedy when he blundered on the 40th move and lost to Vachier-Lagrave from a difficult position. Vishy Anand drew his game against Nakamura. Full round one report by Saravanan Venkatachalam.

Sant Marti Open 2017: An event of glorious achievements and missed opportunities

03/08/2017 -

The third event of the Catalan Circuit concluded in Sant Marti, Spain on July 21, 2017. After nine gruelling rounds, the Peruvian IM Fernando Fernandez won the title prize with a score of 8.0/9. In the final round, he beat India's Himanshu Sharma and pushed the Haryanvi GM down to the sixth spot. Vantika Agrawal, on the other hand, became India's latest WIM while many other upcoming Indian talents also made their mark at the event. All of this happened amid the refreshing landscape of the Barcelonian mountains and a breathtaking sunset. Here's another article full of all the action within and the splendour without! Our very own Niklesh Jain reports.

GM Lecture by Srinath Narayanan and Q/A GM Abhijeet Gupta

03/08/2017 -

Get a chance to ask chess questions to the four-time Commonwealth Champion GM Abhijeet Gupta and enrich your chess knowledge with 1 hour high quality lecture by three-time Asian Junior Champion GM Srinath Narayanan. Venue: ChessMine Tournament. 

Where there is a will, there's a way! - Namaganda on her visit to India

03/08/2017 -

Ugandan chess became popular after the movie Queen of Katwe was based on one of its top players Phiona Mutesi. In July Uganda’s WFM/FI/FA Christine Namaganda (rated 1565) played in Delhi at the Commonwealth Championship 2017. She was the only player from East Africa. The 30-year-old chess player, trainer and arbiter, who has represented Uganda twice at the World Chess Olympiad and several times in zonal and continental tournaments in Africa, spoke to Kenya’s IA Paras Gudka about her experience of playing in India.

This chess playing CEO of a huge agricultural company says no to corruption

02/08/2017 -

Chess teaches you a lot of life lessons. Learning chess can help you excel in other fields of life mainly because it teaches you analytical thinking, decision making, taking responsibility etc. We all have heard this, haven't we? How about seeing all of this pan out not just in theory, but real life! The CEO of India's fastest growing agricultural company Akshayakalpa is a FIDE rated chess player, and he is using his lessons derived from chess to fight corruption and empower the farmers of our country. An inspiring tale.